Friday, August 12, 2011


"I was out on Mid-night outreach one night, which is a ministry in St. Louis for prostitutes and others who are on the streets at that time. We would pass out roses to the women and pray for them. One particular girl had to be around my age then, 19. I was talking with her and I asked if I could pray for her. While I was praying I gave her a hug and she clung to me and started to bawl in my arms. I just held her and prayed for her for almost 5 minutes. She looked at me and told me she didn't know when the last time she had a genuine hug from someone. My heart melted. Here she was on the streets lost in selling herself looking for acceptance and love."

From that encounter with that girl I realized how fatherless our generation is becoming. I look around at our society and I see young girls selling their bodies everyday by the way they dress and talk to others. I see them like that young girl looking for love and acceptance. When was the last time the daughters of this generation had a genuine hug and felt like they were valuable not just for their appearance but because of who God made them to be? 
There became a cry in my heart to reach out to the daughters and let them know they are valuable and loved deeply by a God who delights in them. 
Growing up, I didn't have the best relationship with my dad, especially as a teenager. After I graduated High school I became an intern at the St.Louis Dream Center Church. I learned so much during my internship about who I was and how much God loved me. I knew I was suppose to go back home and restore my relationship with my dad. It was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, to go back to a place I said I would never return. As I went God spoke to my heart to write a book about my journey and the lessons I would learn from it. So I wrote "Cookies and Milk, from One Daughter to Another". It has been a long journey writing and learning but I am finally here. This blog is dedicated to the daughters who are looking to deny the lies this world has given us and reclaim truth. My prayer is that it will be encouraging and edifying to you! Now you know the origin let's begin....

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