Sunday, April 15, 2012

Looking for...Something?

Things have been so busy lately with finishing this season of my life. I am down to the final edit and am signing off for a completed, edited manuscript! Exciting times. The book will be moved onto production for book cover and layout designs. I am hoping for a release date around the end of May beginning of June!

I have been wondering what encouraging words I could say to you today. So how about something I am learning??? I have been looking for something. Not a material thing or object or person. It isn't anything  you would think about consciously throughout your day. I have been on the search for acceptance. It's funny how you search for it with out realizing you are searching until you have a moment and realize what is happening.

Key words: searching and realizing.

To be real with you, I have no idea what will happen with my book. I don't have any great people following it, I don't really have anyone "launching" me, and I don't know what to expect. I am searching for something. I am searching for acceptance for who I am and what I feel called to do with my life.Then I had this moment of realization. In the midst of tears free falling from my face I realize it doesn't matter because God is following my book. My Father, God, is sending me with a word from His heart to His daughters and He knows exactly where I will go and what I will do. The best part about this 'realization' is that I know God accepts me for who I am and I don't have to go looking for it.  I think this is what everyone is looking for and that is why people get hurt because they don't feel accepted. Every now and then I will feel that longing for acceptance and I stop in my tracks, and turn my attention towards the thoughts of my Father, God. If you stay in moments of longing for acceptance you will never be satisfied and will always end up hurt and in a pity party. What we are all looking for is acceptance from God and He accepts you.

 Think about what it is in life you want. What are you looking for beneath the smiles, handshakes, and conversations you have with people? Sometimes you will be misunderstood in life, sometimes people will let you down, sometimes people will promote you and encourage you but remember through it all, the good and the bad, at the end of the day all that matters is that you KNOW you are accepted by God and fully pleasing to Him and that you are loving Him with your life.